Tom Samek has over 30 years experience working with technology ventures as either a consultant or as a member of the management team. He currently serves as VP Strategy for FLITE Material Sciences, Inc. He specializes in industrial and commercial marketing strategy and business development for technology leveraged products and services. In his career he has worked at introducing innovations into a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, energy infrastructure, and medical diagnostics. He worked for several years as a consultant to a major Taiwanese technology think tank where he focused on the commercial potential of nanotechnology developments, in particular emerging techniques for nanopatterning, nanosystems, and nanomedicine. He holds a B. Sc. and a M.B.A. degree from McGill University, Montreal. He began his consulting career at Coopers & Lybrand. Later, he was a founder of Sygertech, a consulting firm specializing in technology management. Mr. Samek is Deputy Director of I Medici di McGill Orchestra, and an avid amateur violinist in that group. The orchestra engages in community outreach and organizes concerts to raise funds and awareness for healthcare related causes.