FLITE Material Sciences

FLITE was created in 2018 in recognition of the emerging science of laser surface functionalization. Researcher leaders around the world have been exploring new surface textures and their effect on ordinary materials. The FLITE team believed that the time had come to take these techniques out of the lab and into industries looking for a better, cleaner and safer way to protect their products. Led by serial entrepreneurs with more than 100 years of experience, FLITE is an exciting startup based in the United States and Canada.

FLITE believes that these new surface engineering techniques can lead to safer products, a cleaner environment, and fantastic new future designs. We see a future where aircraft don’t need chemical deicing, where clean water flows easily through pipelines, ships sail the ocean without toxic paints, and medical devices operate safely in the body for decades. Many companies talk about the impact they have on society or the environment but FLITE believes that our techniques can deliver changes on a global scale.