Working with FLITE

Working with FLITE is a simple process. Talk to us about your challenge, and in a 30-minute conversation, we can explore how the solution would work for you and how we can prove it.

If you agree, we can sign a nondisclosure agreement to protect you, and discuss how we can take samples of your product and treat them. Our proof of concept projects are relatively quick to turn around.

Once treated, you can test the materials and measure the impact, or we can go to a third-party lab to complete the testing and share the data with us. If we have demonstrated a significant difference in your product’s cost, longevity, safety or utility, we can craft a plan to integrate FLITE’s technique directly in your manufacturing facility and supply chain. In some cases, we can treat your finished products for you. 

We have been talking to customers for some time in the commercial, industrial and military sectors, and you might be surprised at how much we already know about your problem. Our team of experts is growing rapidly.