Industries Served

Our “early adopters” come from a wide range of industries who have been experimenting with coatings and additives for decades, and are eager for solutions that can;

  • Improve performance and longevity
  • Introduce a more environmentally friendly solution
  • Reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs
  • Lay the foundation for new product designs


We can’t always name our customers, but we can talk about the anticipated improvements in aerospace, oil and gas, industrial water treatment, medical devices, semiconductors and sensors. 



Possible use cases:

  • Never de-ice an airplane again
  • Pitot tubes that work in all weather conditions
  • Antenna that don’t get fouled
  • Unimpeded optical sensors


Possible use cases:

  • Improved heat radiation
  • Improved adhesive control


Possible use cases:

  • Eliminate ice build-up on panel
  • Improved energy conversion rate

Food and Beverage

Possible use cases:

  • Eliminate biofilm creation


Possible use cases:

  • Reduced clotting and stenosis on implanted devices
  • Improved sterile environments
  • Prevent transfection on surfaces


Possible use cases:

  • Unimpeded optical and radar sensors
  • Moisture-free glass and plastic surfaces
  • Better adhesion of oil-based lubricants

Oil and Gas

Possible use cases:

  • Reduced corrosion on pipelines
  • Reduced scale accumulation and biofilms
  • Antifouling on sensors and instruments


Possible use cases:

  • Eliminate ice build-up on blades
  • Reduce drag, especially in wet conditions