Industries Served

The technique of using a Femtosecond Laser to reshape the surface layer of materials was at the University of Rochester, New York.

In 2019, FLITE secured the worldwide, exclusive rights to commercialize this methodology.

We are eager to work with any and all industries where this approach can:

  • Improve performance
  • Introduce a more environmentally friendly solution
  • Reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs
  • And more …



Possible use cases:

  • Never de-ice an airplane again
  • Pitot tubes that work in all weather conditions
  • Antenna that don’t get fouled
  • Unimpeded optical sensors


Possible use cases:

  • Improved heat radiation
  • Improved adhesive control


Possible use cases:

  • Eliminate ice build-up on panel
  • Improved energy conversion rate

Food and Beverage

Possible use cases:

  • Eliminate biofilm creation


Possible use cases:

  • Reduced clotting on implanted devices
  • Improved sterile environments


Possible use cases:

  • Unimpeded optical sensors

Oil and Gas

Possible use cases:

  • Self-cleaning pipelines
  • Reduced corrosion


Possible use cases:

  • Eliminate ice build-up on blades